Fantasy Booking – HBK vs Loose Cannon pt 1

It’s no secret that the MAFK’s love us some wrestling. One of the parts of Wrestling that has always fascinated me is the booking of a story line.

Often when I get into a good wrestling game I alway book cards with a story behind each match.

I was thinking the other day if I could have booked one program, what would it have been?

The answer is simple, Shawn Michaels vs Brian Pillman in the Years of 96/97.

Both Pillman and HBK could really tell a good story and the similarities between the two would make form one great feud. So here’s how it would go down. In Part 1

Shawn would come out on RAW and  in typical baby face thank the fans. Suddenly Pillman comes out and shakes his hand and very sarcastically complements him. The conversation goes like this

Pillman: oh my look at this. I’m in the ring with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels..

HbK: Brian what do you want?

Pillman: to open your eyes. You see I was once like you. I had all the ladies screaming for me and the kids wanting my autographs. You know where it got me?  Nowhere!!
I live life by my own rules and to be honest Shawn seeing you out here kissing up to your “Kliq” makes me sick.

HBK: well nobody said you had to be out here. So if your through you can just be in your way.  Because the Heartbreak Kid never asks for approval from anyone especially someone like you.  ( HBK turns to walk away)

Pillman attack laying HBK out with his cane. Shawn you asked me what I wanted.. well the answer is this. To destroy you and take your WWF Title.

this sets up a title match at Summerslam.
The weeks that come show both giving amazing promos, but never wrestling each other. The goal is to save this for SS

Summerslam arrives and both give phenomenal performances. Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music but Pillman ducks and get a quick roll up for the win.
Shawn looks both surprised and dejected that he just lost the title.
Pillman grabs the title and stares at HBK, then suddenly bursts into psychotic laughter as the show ends.

to be continued




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  1. I love this post. It reminds me of the e-feds of the 90s! Fantasy booking at its finest, and boy what a treat we would have had if HBK and Pillman had a serious feud.

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