It’s Time!!

Let me start off this post by saying that I’m not a major figure/funko collector. I simply get what I like.
Today I want to share a figure that a fellow collector gave me. Big Van Vader has always been my number one big guy wrestler. He was the perfect combination of character and toughness. I remember the first time I saw him come to the ring he was wearing the big helmet. Once he took it off and smoke came out of it I was hooked. His toughness was so believable that I didn’t mind that he beat Sting for his first WCW World Title.
As I mentioned before I’m not a serious collector in that I don’t buy every series that comes out, but if a particular figure catches my eye or it’s a wrestler I truly loved I will get it.
I love this particular Vader because of the two masks and the helmet. I haven’t opened it yet as I love to look at it and remember how dominant and awesome he was. Sadly Vader passed a few years ago. Thankfully between the figures, book, and dvds I can still enjoy the man who let us all know it was Vader Time!

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  1. Man, you gotta love Vader and what a great figure. I always play as Vader (or create him) in wrestling games, because hew as such a unique beast. I think the one thing that truly made Vader stand out is that he felt like a villain in a comic book. His look, his intensity, and attitude all made him so believable as a villain. Not to mention is incredibly impressive move set for a man his size. That is a great figure to proudly add to your collection.

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