Halloween 2021

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Every year, I do my best to celebrate it in my own way, which usually consists of watching a variety of 90’s sitcom Halloween episodes and an assortment of horror films. Of course, being a middle-aged fat kid, I also adore the candy and treats that come along with the holiday season.

As I reflect on this year’s Halloween, I think it has been one of the better Halloweens of recent. I watched some different and great Halloween specials as discussed on my Halloween Watchlist 1 and 2. I also watched a variety of horror movies including: Return of the Living Dead 3, Halloween Kills, Deep Rising, and the first two episodes of the new Chucky show.

As far as candy is concerned, I snagged quite a few different treats this season. Not pictured are the monster Hershey Kisses that I washed down with some Mountain Dew VooDew 3.

This year also marked the very first time I’ve tried Count Chocula. I was of course, very familiar with the Monster cereals, but it wasn’t something I had as a kid and it took me 37 years to finally give it a try. I gotta say, it’s okay. At first I thought it tasted like Coco Puffs, but that soon gave away to a more waxy taste that I wasn’t a huge fan of.

I also took an hour long drive to Youngsville, North Carolina to attend Panic Point, a haunted farm. It exceeded all of my expectations and was a very enjoyable experience. The farm was broken into six attractions: The Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Haunted Hayride, Killers in the Corn, Menacing Maze, and Carny Crypt.

The evening we attended, it was raining, which meant it got quite muddy and slick. So slick, the Menacing Maze became too dangerous to walk through so it was closed. In a shocking turn of fantastic custom service Panic Point gave everyone free t-shirts to make up for the closed attraction.

The Haunted Forest was my favorite, you walked through a variety of different haunted houses featuring everything from creepy dolls to disturbing clowns. The Killers in the Corn featured real life horror icons such as Michael Myers Pennywise, and Jason. Needless to say, it was the highlight of my Halloween season and a place I highly recommend checking out.

It seems that every year, we end up spending a couple hundred bucks at Spirit Halloween and unfortunately, due to our living situation I’m not able to enjoy the decorations we bought last year. That didn’t stop us from making one large purchase that’ll last for years to come.

That’s right, it’s a five foot tall Shorty from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I first watched Killers Klowns on DVD back in the early 2000s and loved it. It became one of those cult films that I could share with people that they were surely not have seen. Prior to attending Halloween Horror Nights in 2019 which featured a Killer Klowns from Outer Space maze, I sat down with Brandy to watch the film. She enjoyed it’s strangeness and so when Spirit Halloween announced they were stocking Killer Klowns this season, Brandy went on a mission to get one.

Sadly, they didn’t seem to sell them online and there were none in stores when we stopped by. Surprisingly, the lady at the counter offered to take down Brandy’s number in case they got a Shorty in and sure enough, a few weeks later, she got the call. The store had gotten two of them.

So, Shorty becomes the crown jewel of our Halloween decorations.

Sadly, October was a super busy month with my wife getting a new job and my job’s busiest period happening. And while I had hoped to have Halloween weekend go out with a bang, I ended up with a pretty nasty cold that kept me in bed. I did manage one last Halloween hoorah on the 29th, when I went to a local ice cream shop and got their Trick or Treat flavor, a vanilla ice cream with M&Ms, Twix, and Kit-Kats mixed in.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a good Halloween and I’m already looking forward to a Christmas.

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