Belts: A Love Story

For as long as I have remembered I have loved Professional Wrestling and everything about it. As a kid I would spend all Saturday morning, Saturday evening (TBS 6:05) and then Saturday night watching. This is not mentioning Sundays.
I loved the wrestlers and I really loved the titles. So over the next few weeks I will do a spotlight on the belts of my childhood including the ones I have collected.
Todays entry will focus on the NWA Television Belt. I fell in love with this belt simply because it was always defended on NWA programs. Sometimes the stipulation was that you could only win the title if you beat the champion in the first ten minutes. Most often the challenger would win at the 11 or 12 minute mark and win the match, but not the title.

Some of my all time favorites held this title namely Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Sting, Stunning ( Not yet Stone Cold) Steve Austin, and Mike Rotunda.
A few years back circa 2010 Brandon and I went to the NWA Legends reunion and we came across a belt table. I held up the TV title with pride as Brandon snapped the picture. Now fast forward to 2021 I came across one for sale and I was able to acquire it. The pictures are eleven years apart, but my love for this belt still is strong. So enjoy the pictures of Belt #1, The NWA Television Belt.

Favorite Wrestler to hold this Belt: Arn Anderson


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  1. I honestly thought this column was going to be about belts that hold up your pants and I was going to write a comment about the far superiorness of suspenders. However I’m keen on this topic as well.

    The NWA world television title is always been my favorite secondary title in the NWA, later WCW, as well. The wrestlers that held that Championship were the workhorses and always had the best television matches.
    Like you said Arn Anderson one of my all-time favorites also Lord Steven Regal was an outstanding television Champion.
    My favorite design for the championship is also the one pictured in your pictures.

  2. Man, I remember taking that picture like it was yesterday It was at the 2007 NWA Legends Fest and we walked by that merch table and you lit up like it was Christmas morning. I don’t remember exactly how much he was selling the belt for, but I know it was an insane price. I can remember you asking if he’d let you take a picture with it and you were so friggin happy. I’m thrilled to know that you own that belt you coveted oh so long ago. I look forward to the next entry in Belts: A Love Story!

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