In 2007, Jimmy and Brandon began working together a movie theater in North Carolina. They quickly hit off after discovering they both loved pro wrestling, Kevin Smith movies, 80’s music, and John Hughes movies. Most of their workdays were spent discussing and analyzing various elements of pop culture and the occasional serious topic. After a year and a half of friendship, the two decided to take their goofy conversations public.

On September 29th, 2008, Jimmy and Brandon recorded the first episode of a short lived podcast called Fat Kids Radio. The show was originally titled Fat Kids in the Basement, which originated from a joke that Brandon told after IGN debuted a fake live action Zelda movie trailer on April Fool’s Day. The off handed joke was simply, “Man, I know there are some fat kids in their basement crying right now” which reduced a police officer, who happened to be working security, to tears. The lame comment became a bit of an inside joke and well… let’s be honest, we were two big guys who grew up as fat kids so the name fit.

We solicited a fellow co-worker who dabbled as a photographer to take some “promotional pictures” for us. The photo shoot occurred one random morning behind the movie theater while we were on the clock.

The podcast was no where near a success. In 2008, podcasts were not all the rage like they are today. We utilized BlogTalkRadio, which allowed for each of us to call-in on our phones and record a live show. We could even take callers. Our claim to fame was during one show, famed 80’s exercise queen Susan Powter hopped into our chat room. She hosted her own podcast on BlogTalkRadio at the time and we assume she saw the words fat kids and maybe came to help. Very quickly, she realized that our podcast wasn’t two guys complaining about needing to lose weight and she left without typing a single word.

Like most failed projects, Fat Kids Radio didn’t die because of a lack of love, but instead because of life itself. Our weekly chats ran into our busy season at the movie theater which was also the holidays. Time became a luxury we could not afford and the podcast got pushed further and further back until it was abandoned.

But now we are back in a new format and we’re here to have some fun and chat about anything and everything that interests us. We’re older, more mature, and still fat. We hope you will enjoy the site.

If you’d like to get in touch with us you can reach us on:

Brandon’s Note: Fat Kids Radio can still be heard online, but I do not recommend seeking it out. I haven’t listened to it in many years and well… I’m a bit ashamed of some of my behavior and aggressiveness at the time.