December 1, 2022

I Gave Up TV

You read the title correctly, but let me be a bit more clear. I gave up satellite.  For as li g as I can remember I have ether had cable or satellite and paid the ever rising prices. Well after I realized I only watched a small chunk of it all I cut the cord.

I love the old stuff and between a YouTube and having one streaming service I can keep myself entertained. I love having Netflix at the moment because I don’t have to feel the pressure of watching what pop culture says is prime time.

We find ourselves watching old movies and tv shows and for now that is pure bliss.

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Pasta Jimmy

Jimmy has his hands in many things. Homesteader, husband, daddy of 4, not to mention a Pastor. When He’s not busy with all of the above he likes to watch wrestling, listen to Def Leppard, and enjoy all things retro.

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2 thoughts on “I Gave Up TV

  1. I LOVE THIS. So, recently I turned off most of my steaming services and the only one I had in the living room is Paramount+. Ya know what? I haven’t missed not having six at my disposal. Now I just watch all the stuff on my Paramount list. Heck, I even watched Patriot Games last night a movie I just never thought about rewatching.

    This constant pressure to stay on top and current is ridiculous and unhealthy. I’m proud of ya sir.

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