Championship Vinyl Episode 006

Welcome to this weeks Championship Vinyl! This week I’ll be featuring some songs that were actually released this week, with a mix of some oldies but goodies.. Let’s get spinning.

Song 1: Alanis Morissette – Olive Branch

This is the first of the new songs I will feature this week. Alanis brings us a new song called Olive Branch. It’s a haunting song of saying sorry to someone who has been hurt. We all can relate to this as we all have done our share of hurting. I simply love her voice in this song, as she brings her signature passion.

Favorite Lyric: It’s unnerving to admit, I’m amazed that you have stood by all this time

Song 2: Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf

Duran Duran has always held a place in my top ten favorite bands. This song is a personal favorite from the 1982’s RIO. To me this song has held up as Simon Le Bon can still belt it out. Clearly this is a fun dance song, that you will find yourself singing along to when it comes on the radio or your playlist

Favorite Lyric: Strut on a line it’s discord and rhyme I’m on the hunt down I’m after you

Song 3: Jeff Healey Band – Angel Eyes

This is the perfect song to play to a girl you are dating or even married too. Jeff Healey is a fantastic blues singer/guitarist. I remember hearing this song as a kid and I loved it and hoped one day I could play it to a girl, did I?, yes then I married her. Sadly Jeff passed away in 2008, but I am so thankful he left so many great songs.

Favorite Lyric:So tonight I’ll ask the stars above “How did I ever win your love?”

Song 4: Kid Rock – First Kiss

Like most of you reading this we all experienced Kid Rock as a rapper. I’ll admit I own these early cd’s, I really became a fan of Kid Rock when we went more southern rock. First Kiss is by far my favorite song of Kid Rock. It has great lyrics, and the tune is on point. I listened to it a lot during the pandemic due to the memories it brought from my big school days.

Favorite Lyric:An old Cheyenne it was my first truck,Rusted, rough and kinda beat up, But when she jumped in it felt brand new

Song 5: Def Leppard – Kick

I’m trying not to play the same band to close together, however Def Leppard is my favorite band of all time and yesterday they gave the the world a new song, Kick, which will be featured on their new CD Diamond Star Halos, which will be released in May. I am biased, but I love the glam feel of this song. Clearly the band is paying tribute to their influences. The vocals a re gritty as it sounds like Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen are singing at the same time. Needless to say I am digging it.


As always thanks for reading/listening. You can listen to all of the songs by going to our Spotify playlist.

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