Introducing Middle-Aged Fat Kids Unite – A Message Board &

I’ve got one little housekeeping bit to get out of the way. When registering the domain I made a mistake. I made it too long and too difficult to remember. Heck, I even added and extra “d” when I announced it on my personal blog and didn’t properly link it. To combat this issue, I’ve purchased This will forward you right here and should be much easier to remember. Now, onto something a little more exciting.

One of the things that I miss the most about the internet of old is the message boards. Sites big and small hosted forums for people to interact on and build micro communities. Sometimes they’d extend into thousands of threads or multiple forums, sometimes it would be just one single place where five or six people hung out. What was great about these message boards is that people were united by a passion. For example; I hung out a lot of HorrorSpeak, a horror movies board. I also spent time on Metal-Sludge’s Gossip Board, where I learned a lot about 80’s metal. And my wrestling message board of choice was WrestlingClassics, which I can happily announce is still active and looks exactly the way it did all those years ago.

Some message boards still exist and are quite active, depending on the website and the interest. I really haven’t found a great board in quite some time and have always wanted to created my own. A little stress-free place to geek out on with my friends and other like minded individuals. And since I don’t have social media, I thought it might create a safer, more private, and less toxic environment for folks to hang out in. So, I’m proud to announce the Middle-Aged Fat Kids Unite Message Board which you can find by clicking the Message Board link at the top of the page.

Content is still being added to the site and Jimmy and I have no grand expectations, but if you like the type of things we do or just need a fun place to hang out and talk about your day, stop on by. It’s gonna be slow moving for a while, but a community is only as strong as its members, so we hope you will join the conversations.

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